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Cargo-bikes for Hamburg's bicycle rental system

StadtRAD expands fleet by 20 electrically supported cargo bikes

Staatsrat Rieckhof und Radverkehrskoordinatorin Pfaue mit Lastenrad
Staatsrat Rieckhof und Radverkehrskoordinatorin Pfaue mit Lastenrad © BWVI

After the StadtRAD fleet was completely renewed on 1 February 2019 and increased to a total of 2,630 bicycles, cargo bikes were added, which can be borrowed since 6 April 2019. The aim is to increase the bicycle rental system to a total of 350 stations with around 4,500 bicycles.

In total, the cargo bikes can load up to 60 kilograms, 45 kilograms in the loading box and 15 kilograms on the luggage tray. The loading box also contains a fold-out bench seat and adjustable safety belts so that two children aged 2 to 7 can ride along. As with the other StadtRÄDERN, the rental in the first 30 minutes is free of charge and the reservation one hour before the trip is also free of charge. The fixed ports of the cargo bikes are located in the densely populated districts of Hamburg-Mitte, Altona, Eimsbüttel, Hamburg-Nord and Wandsbek.

The cargo bikes must be returned to the station where they were borrowed, unlike the other rental bikes. The parking place for the cargo bike is kept in blue. It is also important for the user to know the current state of charge of the battery. This is indicated both in the app before borrowing and on the display on the handlebars. The charging process starts automatically as soon as the cargo bike is connected to the station. It is not necessary to switch on/off the motor support, as this is done automatically when the lock is opened or closed.