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Das Fahrradportal zum Nationalen Radverkehrsplan
Cycling Portal at Difu to terminate

With project funding coming to an end, Germany‘s central web portal on cycling and mobility will no longer be updated. The existing pages will remain available until early 2022. Some key content will be transferred to a new web portal of the new federal Road Traffic Academy that is...

1. August 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
People walking
Survey by the TÜV Association
According to the survey, as many as 13 percent of all respondents have consciously decided not to own a car in order to make their mobility sustainable and climate-friendly. There are major differences between urban and rural areas: in large cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants, 21 percent...
22. June 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
DLR-Fachgutachten 2021 - NeueWege: Wege zur nachhaltigen Mobilität in Niedersachsen
"Bicycle use - a positive trend that needs to be supported"
The Lower Saxony Climate Act was passed in December 2021. A DLR study on the mobility and energy turnaround will help to effectively put the climate protection requirements into practice. Because traffic volume is forecast to increase, climate-friendly alternatives such as cycling and walking are...
26. May 2021 | Nachrichten > Niedersachsen
Das europäische BITS-Projekt sammelt Radverkehrsdaten, um den Radverkehr innerhalb des multimodalen Verkehrssystems zu positionieren und das System als Ganzes zu verbessern.
CycleDataHub, Snuffelfiets, SmartHelm
Within the framework of the EU-funded project BITS - Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems, the student project group Bicycle Data of the University of Oldenburg and other European actors presented the state of research, in connection with this among others the projects "SmartHelm", "Sniffer-...
16. May 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland, Europa / EU
Pedelec mit Ladekabel
41 percent pedelec share, around 9,000 employees
The bicycle market in Austria had a volume of around 496,000 bicycles (+13 percent) in 2020, including more than 200,000 e-bikes. In 2020, bicycle sales generated just under EUR 878 million (+26 percent). E-bikes turned over 613 million EUR, which is about 70 percent of total sales.
12. May 2021 | Nachrichten > Oesterreich
Grüne Welle für Radfahrende - SiBike-App von Siemens Mobility in Reutlingen
SiBike smartphone app
Thanks to a digital pilot project, cyclists in Alteburgstraße have been benefiting from a "green wave" since April 2021. Anyone who downloads the SiBike app onto their smartphone will be able to move forward quickly and comfortably at the eight traffic lights on the cycle path between the traffic...
9. May 2021 | Nachrichten > Baden-Württemberg
Nationaler Radverkehrsplan 3.0
30 euros per person per year for cycle traffic
The NCP 3.0 is the strategy for the promotion of cycling throughout Germany and the guideline for the federal government, federal states, municipalities, business and science until 2030. The promotion of cycling is a joint task of the federal government, federal states and municipalities. The aim:...
22. April 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Temporäre Radfahrstreifen in Berlin
Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC)
A quite simple climate policy instrument turns out to be successful and cost-effective. Drawing on data from 106 European cities, an MCC study documents the causality.
4. April 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland, Weltweit
The Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin. In the background the TV tower
Automatic and manual counts in 2020
The results report of the bicycle counters for 2020 shows a significant increase in cycling traffic in Berlin, which also continued during the pandemic restrictions. Compared to the previous year, the bicycle traffic volume at the automatic bicycle counters has thus increased by around 14 percent.
26. March 2021 | Nachrichten > Berlin
Logo des Zweirad-Industrie-Verbands
Figures - Data - Facts on the German Bicycle and E-Bike Market 2020
The total turnover of the bicycle industry in 2020 was around 10 billion euros. In 2020, 5.04 million bicycles/e-bikes were sold in Germany for 6.44 billion euros, which corresponds to a sales increase of 61 percent. The market share of electric bicycles in the total bicycle market increased to...
11. March 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland


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