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A new national body to plan and co-ordinate the development of cycling across the country and a new National Standard for Cycle Training was announced today by the Minister for Local Transport, Charlotte Atkins.
23. March 2005 | Nachrichten > UK
Monsieur Jacques Barrot, the recently appointed EU Commissioner for Transport has now agreed to give the keynote speech at Velo-city, the biggest cycling transport conference.
7. March 2005 | Nachrichten > Europa / EU
DHAKA, Bangladesh, March 2 – World Carfree Network and its member organization Work for a Better Bangladesh declared an important victory today in their campaign to save the cycle rickshaws in this capital city of ten million people.
4. March 2005 | Nachrichten > Bangladesch
Fahrräder auf der Straße
Während die Radfahrerzahlen in London sprunghaft zunehmen, wird Transport for London die Investitionen in den Radverkehr im Jahr 2005/6 um 40% steigern, um Sicherheit und Komfort zu verbessern.
17. January 2005 | Nachrichten > UK
Broschüre in englischer und französischer Sprache erschienenen: "Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies: Moving Ahead. National Policies to Promote Cycling". Full text download of the study
7. December 2004 | Nachrichten > Europa / EU
Ein Radfahrer
Transport for London's Cycling Centre for Excellence today welcomed the Government's White Paper on Public Health, which will help further promote cycling in the capital as a means of tackling the increasing obesity levels in both children and adults. The paper supports TfL's calls for new National...
16. November 2004 | Nachrichten > UK


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