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Friedrich-Ebert street rebuilt in Kassel
Streets as recreational area
The motto of the German Transport Planning Award 2016 was "Planning and designing of municipal main roads, recovering the city and municipal roads as a recreational area!”. The Association for Urban, Regional and Landscape Planning (SRL) recognises the new boulevard in the center of Kassel as a...
14. October 2016 | Nachrichten > Germany, Hesse
2030 Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan - title page
2030 Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan
Within its constitutional possibilities, the Federal Government plans to take part in the construction of cycle highways. The fundamentals to be changed are currently being examined
3. August 2016 | Nachrichten > Germany
Deckblatt des Bundesverkehrswegeplans 2030 (Entwurf März 2016)
2030 Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan

Public participation in the further development of the draft 2030 Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan (Bundesverkehrswegeplan) started on March, 21st.

21. March 2016 | Nachrichten > Germany
EU projekt "CHIPS"
CHIPS provides the Frankfurt-RheinMain Regional Association with the opportunity to develop and test optimal solutions for a wide range of topics, together with its partners from the metropolitan regions of Rhine-Ruhr and Rhine-Neckar, Belgium, England and the Netherlands.
9. March 2016 | Nachrichten > Hesse
Bicycle counter in Odense, Denmark
The new national bicycle strategy
The strategy, launched 2014 by the Danish Ministry of Transport and Building, is now available in English.
26. November 2015 | Nachrichten > Denmark
Logo der EU-Kampagne "Do the right mix" (SUMP-Award 2014)
In addition to excellent planning and the early provision of tools for monitoring and evaluation, Bremen (Germany) closely co-operated with local stakeholders and with peer cities and networks during the evaluation process of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) adopted in 2014.
26. March 2015 | Nachrichten > Bremen, European Union
London's streets will become safer and more accessible for cyclists. On February 4th 2015 the Transport for London (TfL) Board has approved plans for the construction of four new cycle superhighways. The schemes will cost around £160m to deliver between now and the end of 2016
5. February 2015 | Nachrichten > UK
Traffic 2005
Together with the cities of Bremen and Stuttgart, the German Öko-Institut, an institute for applied ecology, analysed the environmental effects of those measures, which are planned from today till 2025 resp. 2030. Additionally, climate protection scenarios were expanded by adding further ideas for...
11. December 2014 | Nachrichten > Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Germany
Radschnellweg (cycle superhighway) in London
The north-south route will run for more than 3 mile, the east-west route will run over 18 miles. They cost about 913 million pounds and will be opened in 2016.
11. September 2014 | Nachrichten > UK
Broschüre "Nationaler Radverkehrsplan 2020"
In Germany, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) supports innovative projects in the field of cycling, which serve the implementation of the National Cycling Strategy 2020 (NRVP) and support its aims also with regard to the linkage between cycling and other means of...
20. April 2014 | Nachrichten > Germany


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