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Mobility management

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Pressefoto zur Schweizerischen Kampage "Bike to work"
This project is directed towards companies, whose employees are invited to participate during the month of june.
11. July 2012 | Nachrichten > Schweiz
Radfahrer und Autos auf der Straße
Cycling Expertise
File of the Week , S-1/2012: Mobility management schemes in companies help promote the bicycle and other alternatives to cars
24. June 2012 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Pressefoto zur Schweizerischen Kampage "Bike to work"
During the campaign period, a total of 51.076 participants passed the distance to work by bike. A current survey shows, that about a third of the participants discover the bike as a daily-life vehicle and are pleased about their increased wellbeing.
28. July 2010 | Nachrichten > Schweiz
Summary: What is the European Commission doing to foster the mobility of its staff? What developments have there been in the policy in the last few years?
12. May 2009 | Nachrichten > Europa / EU
SpiCycles programme publishes a report on public bikes an european experiences in cycling
9. April 2009 | Nachrichten > Europa / EU
Radfahrer und Autos auf der Straße
National programme for sustainable travel (2009 - 2020) with 49 measures shall reduce car's share of total commuting trips drop from the current 65% to 45%.
13. March 2009 | Nachrichten > Irland
Radfahrer auf der Straße
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) project aims at transforming bicycle use in Copenhagen, promoting urban sustainability and building new connections between the city's cyclists.
19. January 2009 | Nachrichten > Dänemark
Schulkinder vor der Schule
Northern Ireland
Over the past 12 months car journeys to school have reduced by 27 per cent and cycling and walking have increased by a staggering 58 per cent.
22. December 2008 | Nachrichten > UK
Radfahrer und Autos auf der Straße
A report by the "San Francisco Chronicle" of 9th October 2008 said that employees cycling to work will get 20 Dollar tax provision per month
14. November 2008 | Nachrichten > USA
Wall map "the world"
School traffic
The school project focus on 10-13 year olds. By encouraging them to cycle or walk to school the number of lifts in cars will be reduced. Every fortnight the class’s total distance of cycling and walking was registered on a very large world map.
15. February 2008 | Praxisbeispiel > Schweden


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