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Right turn on red in Denmark
Right turn on red in Denmark
In November 2013, the Danish Ministry of Transport launched a pilot project at 33 selected junctions, which was evaluated at the end of 2015 and concluded that there were no safety problems with cyclists’ right turns on red at the selected intersections.
11. September 2016 | Nachrichten > Denmark
Bicycle as measuring vehicle for quality assurance of cycle tracks
The monitoring of cycle tracks' road conditions intends to provide an accurate overview of their quality. In case of damages, conclusions can be drawn about the urgency and extent of repair measures.
29. August 2016 | Nachrichten > Brandenburg
New pilot projects for implementing the National Cycling Plan

Seven new projects receive funding under the National Cycling Plan with a total funding volume of about 1.5 million euros.

6. July 2016 | Nachrichten > Germany
Basel: Right-turning for cyclists during red phases of the traffic lights

Under the condition that they give way, cyclists are allowed to turn right and run the red light or to cross together with pedestrians. Aim of the pilot test is to implement right-turning for cyclists during red phases of traffic lights in the Swiss road traffic law.

9. May 2016 | Nachrichten > Switzerland
Sign No. 274.1 Start of 30 km/h speed limit zone
Road safety, noise prevention, air quality

Planners of the Traffic planning commission of the Association of German Cities (Deutscher Städtetag) pleaded on their 90th meeting on 21./22.4.2016 in Erlangen for more 30 km/h speed limits in urban areas.

22. April 2016 | Nachrichten > Germany
Information board Nordbahntrasse
Project Nordbahntrasse Wuppertal

23 km of an abandoned railway line in disuse since 1999 were converted into a walkway and cycle track with 7 tunnels and 23 bridges with subsidies from the EU, the Federal Government and the State. The project received numerous awards.

25. February 2016 | Praxisbeispiel > North Rhine-Westphalia
Cycle superhighway in London
9. February 2016 | Schwerpunktthema >
New town square, Brühl, Rhineland
Shared Space

Based on a German countrywide city-survey, as well as on literature investigation, a total of 17 "Shared Space" case-studies (of which three from Switzerland) were selected for detailed investigation. Further analyzes comprise traffic counts, speed measurements, and video recordings over a...

23. November 2015 | Nachrichten > Germany
Cycle track with solar panels
The test route in Krommenie (province North-Holland) is about 70 meters long, and fitted with 2.5 by 3.5 meter solar modules. The test mode started in October 2014 and for the first year stock had been taken.
19. November 2015 | Nachrichten > Netherlands
Innerstädtischer Zweirichtungsradweg
Use of cycle paths in opposite direction
Cyclists who ride on cycle paths in the wrong direction (on the left) are exposed to high risks. The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) examined whether the hazards are equally high for cyclists riding on the left on cycle paths that are usable on both sides. As a result, action strategies...
28. October 2015 | Nachrichten > Germany


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