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The parliamentary commission for transport and digital infrastructure debated on Mai 7th 2014 on the correspondent federal budget plan.
15. May 2014 | Nachrichten > Germany
National Cycling Plan 2020
In Germany, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) supports innovative projects in the field of cycling, which serve the implementation of the National Cycling Strategy 2020 (NRVP) and support its aims also with regard to the linkage between cycling and other means of...
20. April 2014 | Nachrichten > Germany
North Rhine-Westphalia
A special finance scheme helps to realize cycle paths
16. March 2014 | Nachrichten > North Rhine-Westphalia
Ein Fahrrad auf der Straße
From now on, the 2,500 jobholders can purchase a "JobRad" via their employer and benefit from attractive conditions.
5. March 2014 | Nachrichten > Baden-Württemberg
Radfahrer auf der Straße
‘Our Voice Was Heard’
Cycling and EuroVelo has been included in a crucial EU infrastructure vote on funding rules, opening the door to billions of euros of investment
18. December 2012 | Nachrichten > European Union
Die Alterung der Gesellschaft und das Fahrrad

Independent mobility in old age has a high value in terms of maintaining private contacts and networks, maintaining physical fitness and running day-to-day errands. Traffic planning must respond to the specific safety requirements of older people, in particularly by creating clearly laid out...

1. November 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Radfahrer fahren über eine Brücke
Bridging the Gap
A 1 kilometre long Bicycle Bridge opened on September 2012 points to the growing role European funds can play in creating high-quality bicycle infrastructure.
28. September 2012 | Nachrichten > Austria, European Union, Slovakia
Sustainable urban mobility
The European Commission’s Sustainable Urban Mobility campaign represents a three-year initiative aiming to support sustainable urban mobility campaigners in 31 countries.
7. July 2012 | Nachrichten > European Union
Ökonomische Effekte des Radverkehrs

As cycling is on the rise, bike-related sectors are increasingly seen as lucrative industries. Cycling has become an important component of tourism in Germany. The most important economic factor regarding the rise in bicycle use, however, is the substitution of car traffic with cycling due to...

1. March 2011 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Klimaschutz durch stärkere Fahrradnutzung

In recent years the problem of worsening climate change has become indelibly embedded in the public consciousness. Successful promotion of cycling when travelling distances of five kilometres or less can make a large contribution to climate protection.

1. April 2010 | Forschung Radverkehr >


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