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Pilot project

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Lastenfahrrad, Komodo, Pressetermin
Pilot project in Berlin: "KoMoDo"
The KoMoDo project started in June 2018. The results show that micro-deposits are a transferable solution for municipalities as a starting point for the delivery of goods by cargo bikes in order to make delivery traffic environmentally friendly. The delivery of cargo bikes from the Berlin-...
28. May 2019 | Nachrichten > Berlin
Broad alliance for road safety
For years, Hamburg has been a driving force nationwide for the mandatory introduction of turning assistance systems for trucks and is now leading the way with its own initiative. Now a pilot process has been presented in which numerous authorities, municipal companies and private firms are involved.
1. April 2019 | Nachrichten > Hamburg
Logo des Projekts E-Bike-Pendeln
Project "EBikePendeln" (commuting with e-bikes) in Berlin, Germany
The project "EBikePendeln, initiated by the Berlin Senate Administration for Urban Development and the Environment as part of the promotional programme called "Electromobility showcase", aims to find out under which conditions employees are using an e-bike on their way to work and how a modal shift...
1. December 2015 | Nachrichten > Berlin, Brandenburg
Bikes at a station
Mainz' bike sharing system MVGmyBIKE provides local mobility services, including busses, trains, tramways and bicycles. Its focus lays on the combination of rental bikes and the public transport system. The system is operated by the local transportation company.
10. September 2014 | Praxisbeispiel >
Bike handover for a test in Fellbach
Test-Pedelecs for Employers
The project aims to motivate jobholders to use the bicycle for their daily commutes as well as for business trips. That should lead to an increase in cycling's modal share. Due to the hilly topography in many Baden-Württemberg regions, especially pedelecs provide suitable options.
31. March 2013 | Praxisbeispiel > Baden-Württemberg
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