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Safety lane graphic illustrating the before and after differences
Implementation of new safety lane

In order to expand the range of measures to secure bicycle traffic on narrow roads, the Working Community of Bicycle-friendly Municipalities in Baden-Württemberg has carried out the pilot project "Safety Lanes" from 2010-

12. September 2016 | Praxisbeispiel > Baden-Württemberg
Campaign "Berlin nimmt Rücksicht" (Berlin takes care)

The basis for any road safety campaign is an assessment of the status quo to clearly identify the problem that is to be addressed by the communication activities. As a rule, campaigns should not be isolated activities conducted by individual actors. The impact of campaigns is greater if they are...

1. September 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
'Fast lane: Fat Lane' advertising image
Cycling Campaign
The campaign wants to promote bicycle traffic in Manchester and to establish cycling as an attractive and funny way of mobility for everybody
31. March 2010 | Praxisbeispiel >
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