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Information board Nordbahntrasse
Project Nordbahntrasse Wuppertal

23 km of an abandoned railway line in disuse since 1999 were converted into a walkway and cycle track with 7 tunnels and 23 bridges with subsidies from the EU, the Federal Government and the State. The project received numerous awards.

25. February 2016 | Praxisbeispiel > North Rhine-Westphalia
Zeichen 240: Gemeinsamer Geh- und Radweg
Cycling Expertise
File of the Week , I-14/2012: Owing to the many commonalities, pedestrians and cyclists have similar requirements. Without a motor and fuel they are less inclined to take longer routes and require direct connections and networks that are as gapless as possible.
28. October 2012 | Nachrichten > Germany
Wall map "the world"
School traffic
The school project focus on 10-13 year olds. By encouraging them to cycle or walk to school the number of lifts in cars will be reduced. Every fortnight the class’s total distance of cycling and walking was registered on a very large world map.
15. February 2008 | Praxisbeispiel > Sweden
Smartmoves is published quarterly with news about initiatives to encourage people to walk or cycle and views from people in the transport sector and travellers themselves.
5. August 2007 | Nachrichten > UK
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