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Logo der Europäischen Mobilitätswoche
European Mobility Week
The EMW is a campaign of the European Commission. Numerous German cities take part in EMW with campaigns and offer hands-on activities and other events for more sustainable mobility on site. The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is showing what is going on in Germany between 16 and 22 September 2019.
15. September 2019 | Nachrichten > Deutschland, Europa / EU
2018 findet das International Cargo Bike Festival in Berlin statt
International Cargo Bike Festival

Since 2012 the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) developed into the most important forum for producers, distributors, service providers and the szene. This year the exhibition with professional programme and race is part of the cycling festival VELOBerlin 2018 – 14...

18. December 2017 | Nachrichten > Berlin
Representative survey in Germany
In the run-up to the “International PARK(ing) Day” the Allgemeine Deutsche Fahrrad-Club, ADFC (General German Bicycle AssociationCyclists' Federation), launched a representative survey. It shows that half of German citizens want more space for encounters, for walking and cycling, and 50 percent...
11. September 2017 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Schutzstreifengrafik zur Illustration der Vorher-Nachher-Unterschiede
Implementation of new safety lane

In order to expand the range of measures to secure bicycle traffic on narrow roads, the Working Community of Bicycle-friendly Municipalities in Baden-Württemberg has carried out the pilot project "Safety Lanes" from 2010-

12. September 2016 | Praxisbeispiel > Baden-Württemberg
ADFC Berlin bike rally (Sternfahrt) for an environmentally friendly transport
Tens of thousands bicycle fans turned the 40th bike rally on June 5th 2016 into an unforgettable event.
5. June 2016 | Nachrichten > Berlin
Gesundheitsförderung und Rad fahren

Cycling offers positive health benefits to almost everybody. However, the type of cycling and level of intensity people engage in varies from person to person. Especially for people with little time for exercise, cycling to work is a good opportunity to integrate physical activity into day-to-...

1. October 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Autobahn A40 im Ruhrgebiet während des "Still-Lebens"

Car Free Days are becoming increasingly popular. They are highly promising tool to establish cycling as a mode of transport, to rally for an environmentally friendly transport policy, and to evaluate existing and/or needed cycle-friendly infrastructure. At the same time, they offer the...

1. March 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
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