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Leitfaden zur Durchführung spezieller Fahrradtrainings für Geflüchtete und Zugewanderte
Cycling safety for refugees and migrants
The guideline "Cycling safety for refugees and migrants" by the Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat e. V. (German Road Safety Council) and the Deutsche Verkehrswacht (DVW) provide suggestions for special cycle trainings. It consists of four modules in theory and practice, contains important English...
18. December 2016 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Schutzstreifengrafik zur Illustration der Vorher-Nachher-Unterschiede
Implementation of new safety lane

In order to expand the range of measures to secure bicycle traffic on narrow roads, the Working Community of Bicycle-friendly Municipalities in Baden-Württemberg has carried out the pilot project "Safety Lanes" from 2010-

12. September 2016 | Praxisbeispiel > Baden-Württemberg
Logo der EU-Kampagne "Do the right mix" (SUMP-Award 2014)
In addition to excellent planning and the early provision of tools for monitoring and evaluation, Bremen (Germany) closely co-operated with local stakeholders and with peer cities and networks during the evaluation process of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) adopted in 2014.
26. March 2015 | Nachrichten > Bremen, Europa / EU
Logo des RS1 - Radschnellweg Ruhr
North Rhine-Westphalia
63% of the Ruhr Area's population want the RS1 to be built. That is a result from a representative survey, conducted by the opinion research institute forsa on behalf of the Ruhr Area's regional federation of enterprises.
2. January 2015 | Nachrichten > Nordrhein-Westfalen
Gesundheitsförderung und Rad fahren

Cycling offers positive health benefits to almost everybody. However, the type of cycling and level of intensity people engage in varies from person to person. Especially for people with little time for exercise, cycling to work is a good opportunity to integrate physical activity into day-to-...

1. October 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Kampagne "Berlin nimmt Rücksicht" (Berlin takes care)

The basis for any road safety campaign is an assessment of the status quo to clearly identify the problem that is to be addressed by the communication activities. As a rule, campaigns should not be isolated activities conducted by individual actors. The impact of campaigns is greater if they are...

1. September 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Münchner Radlnacht

Marketing actions are instruments for cycling promotion that have proven successful in ‘selling’ everything around cycling through creative and targeted measures. They can emotionalise cycling, reach new target groups and create a ‘good atmosphere’, also among politicians and the media. They can...

1. July 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Fahrradzähler in Kopenhagen

The international cycling capitals use a wide range of political strategies and planning approaches. Nevertheless, there are some central characteristics that have generated positive results in many of the cities.

1. June 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Logo and Claim "Munich Cycle Capital"
Munich Cycle Capital
Cycling in Munich stands for future oriented mobility and at the same time for a long local tradition. To strengthen that positive image of the bicycle and to raise awareness for it – that is the campaign`s mission.
30. April 2012 | Praxisbeispiel > Bayern
Radverkehrskampagne im Straßenraum: "Radlhauptstadt München"

Experience shows that cycling campaigns have become vital and cost-effective instruments to promote cycling. Especially when they enjoy political backing, communication activities can be conducive to higher cycling levels and better valorise cycling infrastructure.

1. April 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >


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