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Cycling strategy

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Bicycle counter in Odense, Denmark
The new national bicycle strategy
The strategy, launched 2014 by the Danish Ministry of Transport and Building, is now available in English.
26. November 2015 | Nachrichten > Denmark
Logo and Claim "Munich Cycle Capital"
Munich Cycle Capital
Cycling in Munich stands for future oriented mobility and at the same time for a long local tradition. To strengthen that positive image of the bicycle and to raise awareness for it – that is the campaign`s mission.
30. April 2012 | Praxisbeispiel > Bavaria
Employees use cycling for their trip to work

Mobility management strategies can be pursued at regional or municipal level, but also at the level of an individual company; it often includes a combination of various strategies for action, such as information and consulting measures as well as image campaigns, but also infrastructural...

31. January 2012 | Forschung Radverkehr >
Copenhagen Promotional Campaign
In 2008 the Copenhagen municipality started the initiative "I bike Copenhagen" which embeds all the activities for cycling within the brand "I bike CPH". This involves marketing activities but also a internet page with a social forum and measures to improve the infrastructure.
1. June 2010 | Praxisbeispiel > Denmark
The cycling tracks network is extended to new residential areas.
Bicycle friendly city
The City of Koprivnica has become the leading city in its region in the area of sustainable transport, launching several new projects in cooperation with regional, national and international partners.
25. October 2009 | Praxisbeispiel > Croatia
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