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Biyearly municipal cycling report

Bicycle Account Copenhagen

Formation of the account

In the early nineties the City of Copenhagen decided to establish a Bicycle Account with extensive figures about cycling and cyclists in Copenhagen. In 1994 the first Bicycle Account was realised and in an interval of two years follow-up surveys have been done. The results of each survey are published in a brochure that is distributed to the public of Copenhagen to inform them of its results.

The reason to start the account and its aim

The reason to establish the Bicycle Account was to gather more detailed information about the behaviour and the perception of the cyclists. This was the first step to involve the Copenhageners into the process and conception of planning, which is now being continued and extended in the Campaign "I bike CPH" (I bike CPH Best Practise).
The aim of the account is to assess the work of the City of Copenhagen towards being a city for cyclists. The facts and figures which are revealed are supposed to show the citizens the status of Copenhagen as a City of Cyclists. On the other hand the results are an important planning tool for the city government. With the analysis the measures taken are evaluated and show planners where more work is necessary and where situations for bike traffic can be improved. It is important for the construction of streets and for road design to know which measures to take to achieve which goals.
Ultimately it is a very important tool for placing cycling in the public and political debate. In interviews and for lobbying purposes it provides the necessary information to convince and consult the audience/the public about cycling. Without documented statistical information there is no foundation to fall back on when communicating about measures taken. Therefore the Bicycle Account is also an important tool in the city's communication efforts.


One part of the account shows results of a survey which is done with telephone interviews. In 2008 the answers of 1025 interviewees were collected, which makes it statistically valuable. Out of these 1025 interviewees only 723 have been defined as a cyclist by their answers given and subsequently only their answers were withheld. The Bicycle Account defines a cyclist as a person, who uses the bike at least once a week.

The other part of the account is the collection of a multitude of figures. Some figures are collected by counting (eg. modal split figures) others are the analysis of existent data) from other departments (eg. accident rate statistics are documented by the police department).


The final responsibility for the survey and the countings is incumbent upon the Department of Transport, as the Bicycle Account is part of their bicycle programme. However, the collecting of figures and the realisation of the interviews for the survey is outsourced to external analysts, as well as assistance in analysing the data.

To have such a broad analysis of the bicycle traffic, especially including the perception of the cyclists is a new approach in Copenhagen. Nothing similar exists for car traffic whereas public transport effectuates customer analysis regularly among their passengers.

Content of the account

Survey Questions concern the following topics:

  • Copenhagen as a city of cyclists
  • Sense of safety in traffic situations
  • Amount of cycle tracks
  • Cycle tracks width
  • Condition of roads
  • Bicycle parking generally
  • Combination of cycling and public transport
  • Since 2006: Cycle track maintenance

Figures published in the survey:

  • Percentage of cyclists commuting to work/education
  • Seriously injured cyclist (Since 2006: Number of killed and seriously injured cyclists)
  • Since 2006: Seriously cyclist casualties at signalised junctions
  • Cycled kilometres
  • Risk assessment of relation between cycled km and serious casualties
  • Cycling speed
  • Lengths of cycle tracks
  • Length of cycle lanes
  • Green cycle routes
  • Bicycle parking spaces on roads and pavement

The information published is only a selection of the most significant. It does not make sense to publish the whole compilation as the flow of information and amount of detail would confuse the public. The major part of the questions and figures are surveyed annually to document the development. Additionally in each edition of the Bicycle Account there is a special theme focusing on specific bicycle-related topics. Among other topics the 2008-edition focused on the massive increase of cargo bikes in the city and related parking issues.


The Account is part of the bike programme, but has its own budget. Including the publication, the costs amount up to 50.000 Euro.

The Publication

The results of the Bicycle Account are published 6 months after the interviewing has finished and are available in Danish and in English. The paper edition has a print run of 20,000 and approximately the same amount of copies is downloaded from the web page.


50 000 €



Project manager / parties involved

Project management: 
Department for traffic

Project term

The project is estimated as on-going without a special end date: 
On-going since: 
January 1996
Further information: 
It is done every second year

Public relation and documents


Ansprechpartner auf Projektebene: 
Head of communication, Bicycle Programme
Lasse Lindholm
City of Copenhagen
The Technical and Environmental Administration
37, 2nd floor, Islands Brygge
DK-1505 Copenhagen V
Postfach Po.Box 450
Telefon: +45 3366 3387
Mobiltelefon: +45 2612 0077

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Lasse Lindholm, City of Copenhagen
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