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3 Results
ADFC-Fahrradklima-Test 2018
Survey on bicycle friendliness in cities
The ADFC Bicycle Climate Test is a method for surveying cycling conditions in cities from the point of view of cyclists. For the 2018 survey, the previous methodology was evaluated and updated and the new methodology was applied.
02/2018-08/2019 | NRVP-Projects > Deutschland
Lastenrad in einer Einkaufsstraße
Planning guide for municipalities and industry
Cargo bike depot hubs enable the transfer of goods, especially parcels, for distribution in cities. A guideline for the implementation was developed in cooperation with logistics service providers.
08/2017-11/2019 | NRVP-Projects > Deutschland
Landkreis Northeim – K 424
Advisory cycle lanes outside built-up areas
Investigating safety and attractivity of cycle route networks on rural roads
03/2012-12/2015 | NRVP-Projects > Deutschland