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Project within the of the cycling promotion campaign "Nuremberg steigt auf"

Mobile bicycle racks for events

Mobile bicycle racks with the sign of Nurembergs cycling promotion campaign "Nürnberg steigt auf" (Nuremberg gets on the bike)
Mobile bicycle racks with the sign of Nurembergs cycling promotion campaign "Nürnberg steigt auf" (Nuremberg gets on the bike) © Stadt Nürnberg, Verkehrsplanungsamt

In the past, there was often a considerable lack of bicycle parking facilities at event locations, e.g. at the major events "Bardentreffen" and "Südstadtfest", but also at many smaller events. At some venues of events that take place only once a year, there is a need for parking only during this time.

In cooperation with the non-profit employment company "NorisArbeit gGmH" (NOA), the City of Nuremberg has developed its own model of mobile bicycle racks that regulates the parking of bicycles at events and ensures that walkways and escape routes are kept clear. Visitors are thus offered a theft-proof and tip-proof parking option for their bicycles. The special feature of these mobile bicycle racks is that they can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily and can also be stored and transported in a space-saving manner. The provision of these bicycle racks is an important component of the cycling promotion campaign "Nürnberg steigt auf" (Nuremberg gets on the bike).

The aim of the project was and is to create a bicycle-friendly climate for event visitors. In cooperation with the metal workshop of the non-profit employment company "NorisArbeit gGmH" (NOA), a specific bicycle rack system was developed. The production is cost-efficient with a robust and low-maintenance construction that can stand very stably even without being anchored to the ground. The modules, each consisting of three leaning brackets and offering space for six bicycles each, are easy to set up and can be folded up to save space for transport and storage. The modules can be used individually, but can also be joined together to form a row system of any length. Thus, capacities for up to 300 bicycles can be made available in a short time.

The first use of the bike racks was at the National Cycling Congress in May 2011. Since then, there have been regular bookings for events in Nuremberg, e.g. bicycle film festival, Südstadtfest, summer kiosk, Bardentreffen, summer night cinema, public viewing at football world and European championships.

Other uses as interim use in place of fixed bicycle racks, e.g. to test the need at certain locations, as a replacement for bicycle racks in the context of construction sites, etc., are also used. The transport, assembly and dismantling of the cycle racks is carried out by the NOA gGmbH.

The mobile bicycle racks are a great success. The goal of tidying up bicycle parking and furthering people travel to events by bicycle instead of by car has been achieved. Thanks to the quick and inexpensive assembly and disassembly as well as the low transport volume due to the space-saving folding of the construction, the bicycle stands are frequently used, especially at large events. The bike racks are particularly well booked in the summer months and new events are added every year. The possibility of setting up the bike racks very quickly where there is a current need and where fixed bicycle racks cannot be installed on time has proved very successful, especially in the winter months.

Less problematic than feared is the issue of "what to do if bikes are not collected on the dismantling date". Signs with the dismantling date are mounted on the bicycle racks early on, for short events already when they are set up. It is therefore very rare that bikes are still attached to the bicycle racks when they are scheduled to be dismantled. If necessary, individual modules remain in place for another three days and the bikes receive a banderole with a removal notice. After three days at the latest, all bikes are usually removed. Unclaimed bikes are secured by the NOA and taken to the lost property office which is run by the NOA itself.

The current stock of mobile bike racks is 52 modules for about 300 bicycles (three leaning bars per module give capacity for six bicycles each). Due to the high level of use, there are currently considerations to have more modules made.

Why is it an innovative example to follow?

The mobile bicycle racks were made as part of an employment project. The construction can be used by everyone without guarding and guidance. It is very robust, low-maintenance and easy to assemble.

The mobile bicycle racks are not only used for events, but also as an interim measure until permanently mounted bicycle racks are installed or during the removal of bike parking facilities at construction sites. They also serve to test the specific needs at a location. Therefore, they guarantee a high degree of flexibility.


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Stadt Nürnberg

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Noris Arbeit gGmbH

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January 2012
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February 2021

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