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Public participation on bicycle parking facilities within an urban district

Bicycle racks for Nordstadt

Poster with call for participation
Poster with call for participation © Bettina Meyer-Rost, Stadt Nürnberg

A frequent obstacle to regular bicycle use is the lack of easily accessible and safe bicycle parking facilities. Bicycles can often only be parked in the basement or on the public footpaths. Frequently, this leads to the decision to choose the car as a means of transport, instead of a bicycle. With this background, the City Council's Transport Committee adopted the project "Bicycle Racks for the Nordstadt" in July 2014. By setting up small or medium units, short distances to the nearest parking facility should be ensured everywhere in the district. At the same time, citizens should be involved in the project through e-participation.

The project was implemented in 5 main steps:

1. Summer 2014: Registration of the number and locations of existing cycle racks in the project area, and investigation where many bicycles are parked outside of parking facilities. Identification of areas with specific deficits.

2. Definition of a grid which defines the maximum distance between the difft erenbicycle parking facilities resp. the residential buildings and the nearest bicycle rack.

3. Autumn / Winter 2014: The association “Vorstadtverein Nürnberg-Nord e.V” was involved in the planning of the project. The proposals for possible locations of bicycle parking facilities were coordinated with the association as well as within the administration.

4. Spring 2015: Implementation of e-participation. Within a period of four weeks, the citizens were able to evaluate about  130 suggested locations to propose further locations within the project area. The online participation was accompanied by various marketing measures, such as press work, placards on advertising media and the distribution of bicycle saddle covers in the district. Local retailers were also involved.

5. Summer 2015: 105 additional locations proposed by citizens were examined by the administration and the first bicycle racks were built.

Why is it an innovative example to follow?

The website offered the results of the public participation with detailed information on all locations for bicycle parking with photos and location plans. For all proposals which could not be implemented background information and justifications for the rejection of these options were given.


Municipal funds
30 000 €



Project manager / parties involved

Project management: 

Stadt Nürnberg

Project term

The project is estimated as on-going without a special end date: 
On-going since: 
July 2014
Completed on: 
December 2016
Further information: 

The construction of the bicycle racks will be completed by the end of 2016.

Public relation and documents


Ansprechpartner auf Projektebene: 

Sachbearbeiterin in der Verkehrsplanung, Abteilung Verkehrsmanagement
Frau Bettina Meyer-Rost
Stadt Nürnberg Verkehrsplanungsamt Abteilung Verkehrsmanagement
Verkehrsplanungsamt, Abteilung Verkehrsmanagement
Lorenzer Straße 30
90402 Nürnberg
Telefon: +49(0)911/231-4909
Telefax: +49(0)911/231-2098
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17. December 2015
Bettina Meyer-Rost, Sachbearbeiterin in der Verkehrsplanung, Abteilung Verkehrsmanagement
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