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Good Practice Examples

Für mehr Respekt im Straßenverkehr

Die Kampagne wirbt für mehr Rücksichtnahme und Respekt auf den Straßen einer Großstadt. Ihre Mittel sind Plakate, Flugblätter, Postkarten, Aufkleber – und vorbildliches Verhalten der Initiatoren.

29. March 2019 | Praxisbeispiele > Hesse
Construction sign of the citizens' initiative "Ibbenbürener Straße"
Cycle path construction
The program subsidises cycle path construction by citizens' initiatives with a lump-sum of 15,000 Euro per kilometer
19. February 2015 | Praxisbeispiele > North Rhine-Westphalia
Logo and Claim "Munich Cycle Capital"
Munich Cycle Capital
Cycling in Munich stands for future oriented mobility and at the same time for a long local tradition. To strengthen that positive image of the bicycle and to raise awareness for it – that is the campaign`s mission.
18. December 2013 | Praxisbeispiele > Bavaria
Bike handover for a test in Fellbach
Test-Pedelecs for Employers
The project aims to motivate jobholders to use the bicycle for their daily commutes as well as for business trips. That should lead to an increase in cycling's modal share. Due to the hilly topography in many Baden-Württemberg regions, especially pedelecs provide suitable options.
17. December 2013 | Praxisbeispiele > Baden-Württemberg