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Combine works agreement

On your bike - Bosch offers bicycle leasing for more than 100.000 associates

Radfahrerinnen © Falk Weiß

New mobility and healthcare offering

  • Combined works agreement to promote low-emissions mobility for associates

  • Cycling is good for associates’ health and creativity

  • Kübel, director of industrial relations: “We want to help improve the air quality in cities.”

  • Mai, combined works council chairwoman: “Associates can use the bike for work and private purposes.”

Riding serenely past traffic jams, coming up with new ideas outdoors, or simply doing something good for the environment – cycling has a lot of benefits. From February 2018, Bosch associates have access to bicycles and e-bikes leased by the supplier of technology and services. The new mobility and healthcare offering is available to more than 100,000 associates in Germany. Together with employee representatives, Bosch has developed a corresponding combined works agreement. “With this mobility offering, we want to help improve air quality in cities as well as the health of our associates,” says Christoph Kübel, member of the board of management and director of industrial relations at Robert Bosch GmbH, about concluding the combined works agreement. “Cycling is good for body and mind. It also promotes creativity – because we don’t always have our best ideas sitting at our desks, but instead while doing things like exercise. This is why bike leasing is now one component of our working culture.” Kerstin Mai, chairwoman of the combined works council says: “With this agreement, we have created a mobility offering for all associates. They can use the bike both for work and private purposes. Cycling keeps you fit, it is environmentally friendly, and it is often the fastest means of transport, especially in cities.” Associates of the Bosch Group in Germany with permanent contracts who have been with the company for at least three years have access to up to two bikes.