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Youth film competition "Like it - Bike it"

Young people perceive the bicycle as a gate to freedom

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The project, funded by Germany's Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, invited young people of two different age groups (11-14 and 15-18) to make creative short films and to publish them on youtube and other social media channels.

"The young film makers interpreted the topic in very different ways, but all the contributions were creative and ambitious”, says Mike Maruk director of the popular German youth movie "5 Freunde" (Five friends).

The winner film within the category 15-18 years "Am I on the right way?" deals with the question of what will be after graduating from school, a topic which bothers young people of that age. Within the 11-14 years old category the films "No limits" and "Finally Free", show how easily and extensively youth can use their bicycles on their ways through the city.

The winner movies

Age group 11-14 years:

  1. Rank: No limits made by
    Linus, Paul and Nils from Kandel
  2. Rank: Endlich frei (Finally free), made by Anna, Anna and Daria from Cologne
  3. Rank: Zeit ist Geld (Time is money), made by Elias, Henrik and Vincent from Borsdorf

Group award: Total freedom made by the film club of the Gottlieb-Daimler High School in Stuttgart

In der Altersgruppe 15-18 Jahre:

  1. Rank: Bin ich auf dem richtigen Weg (Am I on the right way?), made by Johannes and Moritz aus Berlin
  2. Rank: Mach mal 'nen Ausflug (Let's go for an excursion), made by Enrico and Maximilian from Niederndodeleben and Halle/Saale
  3. Rank: Der Traum von Freiheit (The dream of freedom), made by Danny and Samuel from Müllheim/Baden

Group award: Remember Me made by Alexander, Alexandra, Dominik, Elisa, Gero, Ina, Jana, Katja, Paul, Sarah, Sonja and Steffen from the Reutlingen region

Further information (in German): Kurzfilmwettbewerb "Like it - Bike it"
Pictures from the award ceremony on Flickr.

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23. March 2015

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