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Working paper on the "application and design of cycle highways" published by the Road and Transport Research Association (FGSV)

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An increasing and – through e-bike expansion - fastening cycling traffic, supported by good arguments from the fields of health prevention, mobility planning and resource management, demands new high quality infrastructures. For dealing with the challenges of suburbanization and growing commuting distances, more and more German cities and regions follow the European pioneer countries by discussing and planning fast, direct and comfortable cycling routes. They should provide high quality links between existing or potential core destinations of cycling traffic. Those infrastructures are predominantly discussed in relation to the term 'cycle highways'.

Due to the topic's highly dynamic development in Germany, the knowledge collection is firstly published as a working paper. It is intended to further develop the material and to include it into a future version of the German "Recommendations for cycle facilities" (ERA).

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Titel: Arbeitspapier Einsatz und Gestaltung von Radschnellverbindungen [FGSV-Nr. 284/1]
Publ.: FGSV
Year: 2014
Pages: 32 p. A 4 (W 2)
ISBN 978-3-86446-082-1
Preis: 32.80 EUR

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