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German Bicycle Award 2015

The winners are "Northern Railtrack Wuppertal", "Bicycles for refugees" and the campaign "Do it in the name of love"

Der Deutsche Fahrradpreis - Best for bike
© Der Deutsche Fahrradpreis

Prices were awarded in four different categories to the following projects and persons:

Cycling-friendliest decision, infrastructure

  1. Reaktivation for cycling and walking of the disused railway line "Nordbahntrasse" in Wuppertal (voluntary commitment of the Wuppertalbewegung and the commitment of the city administration)
  2. Bicycle station (city of Offenburg)
  3. Consistent and sustainable development of cycling infrastructure in a mid-sized town (city of Ingelheim)

Cycling-friendliest decision, service

  1. Bicycles for refugees (ADFC Saarland)
  2. Cost-free bike share for everyone (Kolping Emsdetten)
  3. Adhesive foil for bikes (Fahrradfolierung) (Mooxi-Bike)

Cycling-friendliest decision, communication

  1. Road safety campaign "Do it in the name of love" (City of Karlsruhe)
  2. Campaign for cargo bikes "Take your goods on bike" (VCD)
  3. Cycle climate campaign "Zone for everyone" (city of Aschaffenburg)

Cycling-friendliest person

  • Boris Palmer, lord mayor of Tübingen

Photo competition, motto "My bike, my city"

  • Daniel Doerk
  • Alex la Tona

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The nationwide competition "German Bicycle Award" is a joint project of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), in cooperation with the AGFS, the bicycle industry association (ZIV) and the Service and Bicycle Association (VSF). It supports the realization of Germany's National Cycling Plan (NRVP).

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19. May 2015

DER DEUTSCHE FAHRRADPREIS - best for bike c/o P.3 Agentur für Kommunikation und Mobilität ( // Difu (A.H.)

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