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Winner of Copenhagen's Bike Share Competition Awarded

Detail: Laufräder von abgestellten Fahrrädern
© Doris Reichel

Goals of the competition

In 2009 the City of Copenhagen decided to launch an open international design competition in order to gather ideas for a new bike share system in their city.

The winning entry for a new bike share system for Copenhagen had to adhere to the City’s primary goals for the future development of the city. The goals were that Copenhagen must be a sustainable and dynamic city and a city for everyone.

The design competition was the first step towards Copenhagen implementing a new bike share system that is...

- an attractive product for the city's guests
- an indispensible piece of the transport puzzle for train passengers
- a faithful friend in an hour of need for Copenhageners
- easily integrated and implemented in an existing city
- unique, elegant and attractive
- robust.


127 competition entries from five continents presented a world of thrilling ideas about how a new bike share system can support Copenhagen’s ambition to be the world’s best cycling city. The spectrum has been incredibly broad in the competition. Some entries have a point of departure in reusing existing bicycles and thereby focusing on sustainability in the production process. Others introduce high tech systems focusing on the operational aspects that take future users and operators into consideration. The common denominator for most of the competition entries is that they are of an unprecedented high quality.

Two First Prizes, a Second and a Third prize as well as a Special Prize had been awarded. The prize-winning entries are those that
were found especially interesting to consider in the next steps towards a new bike share system in 2013.


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12. December 2009

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