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Velo Mondial 2006 – Cape Town

Velo Mondial 2006 will take place in Cape Town over the city’s most exciting week of the year. This is the week that over 35 000 cyclists gather in Cape Town from all over for the world’s largest timed sporting event: the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour. Velo Mondial 2006 precedes the cycle tour, offering delegates the opportunity to experience the atmosphere surrounding Cape Town’s most famous and unique cycle tour.

Previous Velo Mondial Conferences (Montreal 1992 and Amsterdam 2000) have evaluated the impact of the automobile over the last century, and have formulated plans for the implementation of healthier and more sustainable transport systems worldwide. Absolutely central to this planning is the bicycle.

Velo Mondial’s objective is to bring together knowledge, experience and vision to promote the use of the bicycle and bicycle-friendly policies on all continents, and to contribute to the advancement of this healthy, enjoyable and sustainable mode of transport.

The theme of Velo Mondial 2006 is “Towards Prosperity” and the conference will address transport-related issues in both rural and urban areas; how the bicycle can be incorporated into transport development planning; and will investigate ways in which bicycle-related initiatives can improve lives in communities around the world – in developed and developing countries.

The Organising Committee welcomes any comments or questions about the conference.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cape Town in 2006!

Warm regards,

The Velo Mondial 2006 Organising Committee

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10. March 2005

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