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53th ordinance amending road traffic regulations

Use of electronic devices while driving is punished harsher

Veröffentlichung zum Straßenverkehrsrecht
© Doris Reichel

The penalty for holding an electronic device while driving is 55 Euro for cyclist, and 100 Euro plus an entry in the registry on driving ability for car drivers. In the case of serious violations the penalty rise up to 200 Euro with driving bans.

It is not allowed to use an electronic device (all kinds of consumer electronics, of devices for navigation, all kind of telephones, screens, video- and audio devices, including also wearables) while driving, except under the conditions, that

1. the device is not holded by the driver, and

2. either
a) the driver uses a voice control or a read-aloud function, or
b) the use of the device requires only a short glance, adapted to road, traffic, visibility and weather conditions.

The use of these devices holded by the driver is only allowed in vehicles parking, and when the engine has turned off.

Since it must be possible to identify a driver it is also not allowed to wear masks, veils, or bonnets which covers the hole face or significant parts of the face. An infringe of this regulation causes penalties of 60 Euros. It is allowed for drivers to wear clothes which are not covering the face, facial hair, painting and jewellery, glasses covering only minor parts of the face. It is also allowed to wear a helmet on motor bikes.