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German Mobility Award: Best Practice Winner 2020

Upride - Cycling data for planning

Upride - Fahrraddaten für die Planung
Upride - Fahrraddaten für die Planung © Deutscher Mobilitätspreis 2020

German Mobility Award: One oft the Ten Best Practice Winners 2020 is "Upride - Fahrraddaten für die Planung"


With the help of a tracker, Upride collects cycle traffic data on the use and the state of the infrastructure as well as road safety data in order to support local authorities in the maintenance and future-proof planning of cycling infrastructure. (betternotstealmybike UG, Dachau)

  • To plan and maintain urban cycle tracks efficiently, a robust and reliable set of data is indispensable. In order to fill in the existing gaps in this set of data, the initiators of Upride have set themselves the following objective: By means of a cycling tracker developed specifically for this purpose, various data on traffic flow and identified danger spots, such as potholes or spots where swerve-to-avoid manoeuvres frequently occur, are collected.
  • In contrast to an app, the use of the tracker offers several advantages: On the one hand, it provides a maximum of user comfort for the cyclist and user because it automatically recognizes when a trip is started and ended. In comparison to other app solutions, this ensures permanent use and also includes the collection of data on relevant short distance trips. On the other hand, the tracker does not record any personal data as they are not relevant to data evaluation and traffic planning. It only focuses on the aspect of how safely, easily and fast a trip was completed.
  • With all of these data and results collected in a single process, planners are not only presented with a tool for developing and improving infrastructure in a targeted manner. It also provides a factual basis of argumentation that will help to bring more objectivity to the often emotional debate in this sector.

309 companies, startups, research institutions and associations applied for the award, which is being presented for the fifth time this year. A jury of experts from the fields of business, science, society and politics selected the ten best projects and the winner of the special prize. The awards will be presented in November.

The German Mobility Award is organized by the initiative “Germany - Land of Ideas“ and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). The German Mobility Award is supported by the partners Deutsche Bahn and VDV.