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Mobility in Cities Datenbank

UITP bietet Städtedaten einzeln an / Mobility in Cities Database available

Neben der CD-Rom mit den 120 Indikatoren aller 50 Städte können jetzt die Datenbanken für einzelne Städte bezogen werden, und zwar von Nichtmitgliedern der UITP für 80 Euro pro Stadt.

It is now possible to order data from the Mobility in Cities Database according to the cities of your choice. 1 city = 40 EUR/Members - 80 EUR/Non Members of UITP.

The Mobility in Cities Database CD-ROM contains the main results of a major research project of UITP on the economics of urban mobility. A total of 120 indicators were collected in a sample of 52 cities worldwide for the year 2001. In addition to the database itself, which is accessible through a user-friendly interface, the CD-ROM also features a 50 pages' analysis and recommendations report, fact sheets enabling to interpret the evolution of key indicators between 1995 and 2001 in the light of transport policies in more than 30 cities, and a graphical tool for comparisons across cities. This wealth of information enables urban and transport planners to make decisions based on facts. The analysis and the recommendations report puts forward a set of arguments in favour of public transport. Finally the data can be used to support research on various aspects of mobility in urban areas.

Full ordering procedure: MCD2BIS
The full Mobility in Cities Database: MCD

Eine Broschüre, die auch die Liste der Indikatoren und das Verzeichnis der einbezogenen Städte (darunter sind Berlin, Hamburg, München und Stuttgart) enthält, kann unter kostenlos im Download bezogen werden.

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21. February 2008

Angotzi Doriano, UITP // Difu (A.H.)

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