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Turning-off accidents between motor vehicles and cyclists

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The studies conducted in the cities of Münster, Magdeburg, Darmstadt and Erfurt revealed that around 80 percent of accidents of this type result in injuries. Injuries are six times more common in this accident type than in accidents as a whole.

The study shows that there is a need for action with regard to the design and layout of the infrastructure, encouraging road users to behave safely on the roads and improving their knowledge of the rules of the road.

Based on the project's findings, recommendations are made for a safe road infrastructure and cycling facilities at intersections in built-up areas as well as on how to instruct and educate drivers and cyclists. In addition, recommendations are also made as to how driver assistance systems might be (further) developed.

Download: Compact accident research: Turning-off accidents between motor vehicles and cyclists (German Insurers Association, No. 37, 2013)

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3. August 2013

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