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Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer appoints new supporters

Turn Assist Scheme: Now more than 100 safety partners

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A strong signal for more road safety: Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer has appointed 68 new safety partners for his Turn Assist Scheme. In doing so, the number of supporters was more than doubled. In addition to companies from all over Germany, for the first time, rural districts, cities and local authority companies were also eligible to participate. The safety partners have committed themselves to retrofitting their vehicle fleet with turn assist systems prior to the deadline for the mandatory introduction at EU level.

Mr Scheuer said: Our Turn Assist Scheme now has 68 new official partners. As a result, we now have 114 safety partners. This is a major step forwards for more safety on our roads. Because turn assist systems can save lives. One year ago, I launched the Turn Assist Scheme. Quickly, I was able to convince the first logistics operators, among whom where all large food retailers. Today, another important step has been taken: For the first time, also local authority companies, cities and rural districts as well as North Rhine-Westphalia’s Agency for Road Construction contribute to the project. All this shows that our initiative is a great success! Small and large, local authority and private sector companies are committed together. All of them are role models and lifesavers. Because our responsibility is a shared one: Every turn assist system counts!

Background information:

Vehicle registration law is European law. Turn assist systems can only be made binding at the EU level. Minister Scheuer therefore travelled to Brussels several times to advocate the introduction of these systems as mandatory for new vehicles and vehicle types starting in 2020. However, the EU wants to only introduce turn assist systems starting in 2022 for all new vehicle types and in 2024 for all new vehicles. Therefore, Germany is now using all its national options to accelerate the installation. Minister Scheuer thus launched the Turn Assist Scheme in July 2018. In addition, the technical conditions for a quick spread of certified systems were created. In the meantime, the Federal Motor Transport Authority has issued general type approvals for six turn assist systems. The Turn Assist Scheme also includes a funding programme (volume of 10 million euros). The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure launched it in 2019 for voluntary installations and upgrades of trucks and buses with turn assist systems.