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TRENTO BY BIKE - A Bike Mobility Game

Fahrräder auf der Straße
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Background & Objectives

There is too much private car traffic and at a certain age boys stop using a bicycle and began to use motorbikes. The goals of the plan are to create a positive image for the bicycle among pupils and their parents and maintain interest for bicycling among young people.

Description of the plan

Didactic activity time is dedicated to playing a board game in the lower middle schools. The subject of this game cycling and the network of bicycle tracks in Trento. This activity is part of a series of initiatives to push citizens to reduce use of private motorized transport.


Work group

Trento Mobility Service will collaborate and coordinate the job which is to be done by Palomar Group Consultants.

This is a board game to play in classrooms. The goal of the game is to arrive early to school by bicycle, but it's necessary to overcome 2 difficulties: assembling a game bicycle and solving a riddle to discover the school's location. a game conductor directs the 4 to 7 teams composed of 1 to 5 players (target age: 10 to 14 years old).

The game elements are:

  • a board symbolizing a net of Trento city cycle paths with a point of departure ("home") and a point of arrival ("school")
  • texts of the riddle to be solved to discover the school
  • "clue cards" with information to solve the riddle
  • "question cards" with multipl-choice questions topics like traffic and environmental education
  • "assembly cards" representing bike parts
  • "unexpected cards" (positive or negative)
  • 2 dice

At the beginning of the game each team chooses a riddle to be solved. Then each team must build its bike by correctly answering questions posed by the conductor. Once the bike is built, the teams leave from the start box called "home" and move a pawn on the board. Whenever a team reaches a box with "question cards", it must answer a question. If the answer is correct, the team receives a "clues card". In this way the game proceeds through "question cards", "clue cards" and "unexpected cards". When a team thinks they know where the school is, they write the position down, go to that place on the board and give the sheet to the conductor. The game continues until more than half of the teams have ended the game. Then the conductor reads the solutions. The winner is the team that first reached the school.


A bicycle is a friend


200 games were produced ready to be played in classrooms in 2008. All 13 second level primary schools in Trento (children from 11 to 14 years old) have received one box of this game so they can review the item. Some other groups and schools outside our city have requested the game. For distribution purposes, again in 2009, we met all the school-directors and some teachers of Trento and we promoted the game.

The project was carried out within the Interreg project VIANOVA. This case-study input has been done by


70 Game on bike mobility 209_game_bike_en.pdf (300 kByte)
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Meta Infos
14. October 2009

Claudia Benesperi / European Local Transport Information Service (ELTIS) // Difu (A.H.)

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