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Three quarters of German train stations are accessible without steps.

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A ranking by the German Association Allianz pro Schiene shows differences between the German Länder. "Accessible without steps" by a definition of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) means that all travelers may get without help to the platforms. The requirements also concern the trains, ticket sales and travel planning - the whole travel chain has to be barrier-free.

For the decision which train stations had to be accessible without steps there is an agreement about their prioritization. The "rule of 1000 travelers" means that stations with more than 1000 travelers per day, and stations with less than 1000 travelers per day being nearby a retirement home or a home for handicapped persons should get lifts or ramps at first.

A new program will promote the accessibility of stations with less than 1000 travelers a day. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure announced a program which provides 50 million euro for the modernization of train stations in rural areas.

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