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Supermarkets suggests walking or biking to shop

Mit dem Rad zum Einkaufen
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Information of CBL concerning the campaign:
Supermarkets against overweight

As agreed in 2005 in the CBL-plan "Stimulans naar balans" (Stimulus to balance) supermarkets have developed a number of initiatives in order to help the consumer make healthy choices. Supermarkets offer information and recipes in their magazines, brochures and websites. There are also numerous examples of supermarkets providing paces counters, that organize healthy lunches at schools and support local sports clubs, organize street football tournaments and give suggestions for birthday treats. In cooperation with the Dutch Hart Stichting (Hart Foundation) cholesterol checks are organized in supermarkets.

In order to help consumers with their choice for products that fit in a healthy living pattern, CBL supports a uniform health logo. Minister of Health Hoogervorst is also in favor of a uniform information system for consumers with a corresponding health logo by sign posting. All efforts are a result of the covenant about overweight, which CBL has signed together with other parties and the Ministry of Health.

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16. November 2006

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