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Cycling becomes increasingly popular

Study "Cycling in Germany 2016" by Rose Versand GmbH

Pressegrafik der Studie "Fahrradfahren in Deutschland 2016"
© ROSE Bikes GmbH

97 percent of the populations are capable of cycling. Every other German uses a bike as part of their daily routine to get to work or for shopping purposes. The bicycle is also in competition with the car: both were preferred by 37 percent of the population. The reasons are clear: 65 percent of the bicycle fans prefer a healthy lifestyle, and 59 percent said they prefer to use a bike because it is environmentally-friendly. A third reason is more practical: 58 percent don't like to waste their time by looking for parking lots.

There are also clear demands to make cycling more attractive. 59 percent like to have more cycle tracks. A second demand is the option to take bikes on public transport. At third, people wish the implementation of cycle highways - well dimensioned cycle tracks for long distances and a high density of cycle traffic like the "Radschnellweg Ruhr" which is in planning in the Ruhr region.

Chart: Depending on your bicycle use, to which group do you belong?
[Text in German: Alltagsnutzung = every day trips to work and for shopping purposes | Sportlich ambitionierte Nutzung = for sports | Freizeitnutzung = cycling in leisure time and on weekends]
Source: Studie "Fahrradfahren in Deutschland 2016" der ROSE Bikes GmbH, Januar 2016, n=986

Chart: Why do you prefer to ride a bike compared to a car?
[Text in German: ist gesund = it is healthy | umweltfreundlicher = it is environmentally friendly | muss keinen Parkplatz suchen = I don't have to look for a parking lot | geht oft schneller, keine Staus = it is faster, there is no bicycle congestion | kostet nichts = it is cheap | ich fühle mich frischer = I am feeling fresh | als sport = it is sporty | ist entspannter als Autofahren = it is more relaxing than car driving | kein Führerschein = I need no driving license| Benzinkosten = fuel costs]
Source: Studie "Fahrradfahren in Deutschland 2016" der ROSE Bikes GmbH, Januar 2016, n=314

About the study "Cycling in Germany 2016"

The study was commissioned by Rose Bikes GmbH to investigate German attitudes about cycling. Goal of the regularly repeated study is to investigate current trends of bicycle use, types and purchase. The study is case-sensitive in relation to every day trips and sport cycling, and it differentiates between urban and rural areas as well as between different age groups.

  • Marketing research institute: Research Now
  • Form of questioning: Online questionnaire
  • Survey period: January 2016
  • Sample: 1,181 respondents with an age between 16 and 65, 47 percent men, 53 percent women (representative of the population)
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28. February 2016

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