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24th International Special Bikes Show

SPEZI 2019 - Good mood and good business


The world's leading international special bicycle trade fair for recumbents and transport solutions showed the potential of this innovative niche. The special inventor laboratory with its competition for the most promising innovation in the field of bicycles provided plenty of material for discussion.

The 24th International Special Bikes Show presented individual ways into a future of cycling mobility: Whether with solar support, on two, three or four wheels, with lots of comfort or spartan - this year's Spezi showed all the current trends in an innovative industry. Around 130 exhibitors from all around the world presented flexible transport solutions, new ways of electrification, genuine alternatives to motor vehicles and detailed solutions. More than 10,000 visitors came to Germersheim.

Good spirits and good business characterized this year's Special Bikes Show. The SPEZI exhibitors were pleased about the lively interest, but also about the orders. All kinds of recumbents, transport bikes and trailers, velomobiles, pedelecs, folding bikes, tandems, trikes, rehabilitation bikes and accessories were on display in three halls and on a large outdoor area.

Thibaut Salloignon from France won the "SPEZI 2019" of the 24th International Special Bikes Show, and his invention convinced with its enormous versatility. The compact 20-inch bicycle can be used as an upright or recumbent bike, mixed tandem, load bike, children's transport bike or recumbent tandem. Second place went to a promising pedelec battery with hydrogen tank and fuel cell from Germany: José Fernandez developed the battery, which requires no more space than a conventional pedelec battery. Adapted to a cargo bike, it has the potential to solve the range problem with e-cargo bikes. The third place went to Peter Paul van der Ven (NL) who invented the “Dijker”, a four-wheeled, lightweight velomobile with a special drive integrated in the flat carbon sandwich floor.

The 25th anniversary show will open its doors on 25 and 26 April 2020.

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2. May 2019
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