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South African Post Office has issued a stamp, a commemorative envelope and a special canceller to promote the Velo Mondial 2006

The South African Post Office has issued a stamp, a commemorative envelope and a special canceller to promote the Velo Mondial 2006 conference to be held in March 2006. The Velo Mondial is an international organisation that promotes and seeks to sustain bicycle usage. Velo Mondial is French for 'cycle worldwide'.

Designed by Jerry Lion, the stamp features children riding bicycles to school. This shows the role played by the bicycle and the significance of using it as a mode of transport and not only for sport as it is known to many people in urban areas. School children and adults in rural communities use bicycles to schools and their places of work.

Stamp Velo mondial 2006

The Velo Mondial 2006 Conference will promote the need for the use of bicycles for various aspects of life. A global conference is held every six years to set goals for the future of the bicycle and bicycle planning. The first two conferences were held in Montreal in 1992 and Amsterdam in 2000. The Velo Mondial 2006 will be hosted by the city of Cape Town and co-hosted by the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works. The theme for the conference is "Towards Prosperity".

It is argued that a bicycle is the world's most healthy, economic, efficient and cleanest mode of transport. The Velo Mondial seeks to integrate bicycles into the economy and lifestyles of countries across the globe. The main aim of the Velo Mondial is to enhance the contribution that cycling can have towards sustainable economic development; poverty alleviation; accessibility and promotion of well being; road safety and overall traffic management; carbon dioxide reduction, climate change control and improved air quality.

The Velo Mondial 2006 conference will bring together thousands of cyclists around the globe to the Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour. It will precede the cycle tour and this will give delegates an opportunity to experience the atmosphere surrounding Cape Town’s most famous cycling tour.

The objective of the Velo Mondial is to bring knowledge, experience and vision to promote the use of bicycles in all continents and also to contribute to the advancement of a healthy, enjoyable and sustainable mode of transport.

The conference will address transport-related issues in both rural and urban areas. Issues such as how the bicycle can be incorporated into transport development planning will be discussed and also ways in which a bicycle related initiative may improve lives in communities around the world in both the developed and developing countries will be investigated.

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6. March 2006

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