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German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) monitored Berlin’s bike squadrons

Serious accidents reduced by almost the half

The Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin. In the background the TV tower
The Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin. In the background the TV tower © Alexander Hunger

From the UDV’s point of view Berlin’s bike squadrons in Berlin-Mitte is an important and necessary measure to improve road safety. It has been proven successful during the last three years and let to fairer behaviour by car drivers as well as cyclists.

The UDV surveyed the behaviour and opinions of 640 road users in Berlin-Mitte and in Berlin-Neukölln (a city district without bike squadrons). During the service of the bike squadrons also the behaviour 20.000 cyclist had been monitored. The monitoring shows that die behavior of cyclists in Berlin-Neukölln improved, but much lesser than the behaviour-improvement of cyclists in Berlin-Mitte.

During the three-year evaluation-period about 54.000 misdemeanours had been reported by the bike squadrons. During this time, infringement procedures of car drivers rose and of cyclists declined per year. The most commonly reported misconducts were  were failures in parking and during short stops (car drivers) and red light infringements (cyclists). Not all monitored infringement was punished. Car drivers and cyclists with minor failures (about 30 percent) only got verbal warnings.

Also road safety improved during the evaluation years. The accidents in total had not declined but the amount of serious accidents with cyclists declined by half. Significant success was reported at former accident black spots, where the bike squadrons operated more often . In total the UDV analysed almost 8.000 accidents with bicycles.

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9. November 2017
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