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Best for bike 2017

Sebastian Krumbiegel became the "Cycling-friendliest person"

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Krumbiegel will get the award of the 2017 "Cycling-friendliest person" in Germany at the National Cycling Congress 3. April 2017 in Mannheim. Former award winners, amongst others, were Peter Lohmeyer, Inge Niedek, Michaela May, Wigald Boning, Wolke Hegenbarth, and Christian Ude.

Besides singing, cycling is Sebastian Krumbiegels' (German singer, musician, and frontman of the band “Die Prinzen”) greatest passion. For his exemplary mobility behaviour, and his engagement for cycling, he will be honoured as “cycling-friendliest person” of the 2017 best for bike award.

To promote cycling he works for many years as an volunteer at the quality board of a cycle manufacturer. In his hometown Leipzig, he is an enthusiastic cyclist. Inspired by his love of cycling in 1991 with his band “Die Prinzen” he already sang the song “Mein Fahrrad” (“my bicycle”).

The nationwide competition "German Bicycle Award" is a joint project of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), in cooperation with the AGFS, the bicycle industry association (ZIV) and the Service and Bicycle Association (VSF). The “Cycling-friendliest person” is awarded since 2003.

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10. January 2017
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