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Pedelecs' contribution to a sustainable mobility system

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Steffi Schubert from the consultancy "Urbane Konzepte" and Thomas Prill from the Human Geography Institute at Goethe-University in Frankfurt analysed the possible contribution pedelecs or e-bikes can perform to a sustainable mobility system. Therefore, guided interviews, group discussions and as well as expert interviews were conducted.

Steffi Schubert tells: "The interaction with users shows us, that pedelecs are broadly accepted and that especially the first ride on e-bike often becomes a crucial experience for the individual, including a 'Wow'-effect and stimulating enthusiasm". Users esteem the pedelec particularly on work and business trips, because they allow independent mobility, e.g. compared to car-pooling or public transport. Arriving by pedelec at a customer's place often offers a good issue to start talking on. In most cases, aspects of environmental protection, sustainability or image are of implicit meaning: the respondents see them as positive side effects.

A short report about the project is now published in the science magazine "Forschung Frankfurt" (Research in Frankfurt)

Download article (in German): Elektromobilität: »Nur« ein neuer Antrieb, oder Antrieb für eine neue Mobilität? (Autoren: Thomas Prill, Institut für Humangeographie, Campus Westend,, Steffi Schubert, urbane konzepte GmbH, Tel.: 0152-29585214;

Download journal (in German): Forschung Frankfurt | Ausgabe 2-2013 | Thema: Mobilität (pdf, 13 MB)

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10. January 2014

Dr. Anne Hardy, Referentin für Wissenschaftskommunikation, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main in Informationsdienst Wissenschaft // Difu (A.H.)

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