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Number of accidents increased, but lesser traffic deaths in 2016 than ever

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2016: Number of accidents increased, but lesser traffic deaths in than ever 393 dead cyclists (10 more than 2015)

In 2016 the amount of accidents reaches a new peak. The  results of the road accident statistic by Germany’s statistical office (Destatis) shows around 2.6 million road accidents, 2.7 percent more than 2015. Nevertheless, in 2016 died 3,206 people on the road – as little as never before since the start of the data collection. In 2015 an additional 253 people were killed. In 1970 which was the year with the most people killed it had been already 21,332 persons. Nevertheless, in 2016 9 people each day died on average. 396.000 road users had been injured, 0.8 percent more than 2015.

Almost every second person killed were a car passenger (1,531 dead persons / -89 compared to 2015) every sixths was a driver or passenger of a motorcycle or scooter (536 / -103 compared to 2015), every seventh a pedestrian (490 / -47 compared to 2015) and every eighth person a cyclist (393).

More than the half of the killed cyclists are elderly people, more than the half of all killed cyclists died in built-up areas.

More people than 2016 were killed on a bike (+10) and on a scooter (+6).

In 2016 1,853 people were killed on rural roads (58 percent of all dead persons), 30 percent in built-up areas (960), and 12 percent on highways (393). Most of the people killed on rural roads were car drivers or passengers in cars (60 percent), almost every forth was a motor cyclist. 70 percent of all killed pedestrians and more than 60 percent of all killed cyclist died in build-up areas.

One third of all dead persons were over 65 years old. Elderly people have to face heavier accident consequences than younger people caused by a more weak resilience. This is evident in particular by the group of vulnerable road users. More than the half of the killed cyclists an more than the half of the killed pedestrians were over 65 years old.

Further information (in Germen) in the publications "Fachserie 8, Reihe 7 Verkehrsunfälle 2016" an in "Zeitreihenheft".

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14. July 2017
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