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19 percent modal share of cycling

New record at the bicycle counters in Cologne

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On 7.10.2018, the threshold of 10 million cyclists was reached at the twelve bicycle counters. On this day, the annual total rosed up to a total of 10,018,867 cyclists, an increase of around 13.5 percent compared to the previous year. According to MID, 19 percent of people in Cologne are now cycling.

At four counting points, the previous daily maximum values of more than 9,000 cyclists each were exceeded. The top performer is the Deutzer Brücke with a daily maximum of 10,289 cyclists. This is a rapid increase of around 27 percent, as this figure was 8,109 cyclists last year.

In 2017, 3,756 cyclists travelled on the Deutzer Brücke every day on average over the whole year; in 2018, this figure is already 5,475 (46 percent more than in the previous year). Reasons for this increase may also be the opening on both sides for oncoming traffic and improved accessibility of the bridge.

Most cyclists were identified at the Venloer Strasse permanent counting station. By the end of September 2018, around 1.5 million cyclists had already passed this counting point this year, which corresponds to an increase of around eleven percent over the previous year.

The previous record figures thus confirm the results of the recently published study "Mobility in Germany 2017". These had shown that around 19 percent of all journeys in Cologne are now made by bicycle.

All values of the Cologne bicycle counters can be called up daily at: