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New manual for mountain-bike trail designation


A broad range of interests is focused on forests. Forest owners, hunters, environmental activists, tourism professionals, wanderers and cyclists - everyone wants to use the forest for his or her own purposes.

Against that background, the manual for mountain-bike trail designation will help to avoid conflicts. It shows aspects of tourism and environment protection, which should be taken into consideration during the process of mountain-bike trail designation. Furthermore it includes concrete advices for practical implementation, e.g. concerning signposting.

The manual is the product of a working group, consisting of deputies from the Forestry Office Baden-Württemberg, the Black Forest Tourism GmbH, the Black Forest Association, the ministerial nature protection and two regional national parks. The project was guided by the German Sport University Cologne.

Download (in German): Mountainbike-Handbuch (PDF)

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22. February 2014

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