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Best for bike 2019

Max Raabe became the "2019 Cycling-friendliest person"

Der Deutsche Fahrradpreis - Best for bike
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Cycling and the feeling of freedom"

The chanson singer Max Raabe, co-founder of the Palast Orchester and with the song "Kein Schwein ruft mich anuf" became known worldwide, receives the award "Fahrradfreundlichste Persönlichkeit 2019". For the internationally successful musician, the bicycle is a constant companion and inspiration for his artistic work. In 2017 he published the song "Fahrrad fahr'n", which is tantamount to an ode to the bicycle. Lines like "Sometimes everything runs smoothly in life - assuming you have a bicycle" impressively describe that cycling is part of a lifestyle for the Berliner of choice.

The nationwide competition "German Bicycle Award" is a joint project of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), in cooperation with the AGFS, the bicycle industry association (ZIV) and the Service and Bicycle Association (VSF). The “Cycling-friendliest person” is awarded since 2003.
Interview with Max Raabe and further information (only in German):

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7. December 2018
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