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London lädt zum Radfahren in die königlichen Parks / London encourages people to cycle in the royal parks

Radfahrerin im Park
© Alexander Hunger

In Londons Radfahrermagazin smart moves heißt es dazu:

Park maps go 3D

New maps are helping to bring the Royal Parks to life for pedestrians and cyclists. The maps have a 3D feel, with images of buildings, monuments and features as they actually look. They show walking and cycling routes, facilities such as cafés and toilets, and transport links in and around the parks. As well as appearing on information posters, the maps will be available as leaflets. St James's Park was first to go live in June, followed by Green Park. New maps are being produced for all the other Royal Parks.

Simon Higgins, Marketing Manager at The Royal Parks, said: "The maps show the surrounding areas and how to get to, from and around the parks so people can plan their whole experience. It's part of our aim to work with different partners in encouraging people to walk and cycle in the parks."

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12. August 2007
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