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Local Actions to Encourage Cycling for Shopping

Bicycle pump station in Odense, Denmark
Bicycle pump station in Odense, Denmark © ELTIS / Harry Schiffer

Therefore, it is important that information be disseminated to help customers familiarise themselves with this mode of transport: e.g. explain the quickest and safest ways for reaching shops by bike, where bicycles can be parked there and what options are available for transporting purchases home with the bike. In addition, retailers often have no clear idea of what improvements their cycling customers may want and which, in many cases simple and inexpensive, measures can make their business more cycle-friendly.


Customers who shop by bike represent a great potential for the retail sector in city centres and neighbourhoods. Campaigns and contests can be implemented in the short term and are relatively inexpensive. For the success of most projects, it is important that the various retailers, as well as municipalities and their city-marketing associations, join together as a coalition in order to communicate locational advantages with a unified voice. Campaigns that promote cycling as a mode of transport for shopping not only make it possible to attract new customer groups to shops. They also help upgrade the image of the city centres as lively and, at the same time, car-free places.

Download: cye_s-05_cycling-shopping.pdf


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10. June 2012

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