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Survey of the Hessian Broadcasting

Large majority in favour of more cycle paths even at the expense of car lanes

Fahrradpiktogramm auf dem Asphalt
© Doris Reichel


More cycle paths - even at the expense of lanes for cars? 73 percent of Hesse's population thinks this is a good idea, according to an Infratest study commissioned by Hessian Broadcasting. Even motorists are in favour of more space for cycling. Politicians are not surprised - they see it confirmed.

Only 20 percent of those surveyed in the study are against the expansion of the cycle path network at the expense of motorists at all. Most motorised Hesse are among AfD and FDP supporters, with more than 80 percent each saying that they travel by car or motorbike every day. Despite this, 67 percent of FDP supporters and almost half of the AfD voted in favour of expanding the cycle paths.

The Infratest study also asked where the interviewees lived. The approval for more cycle paths despite the elimination of car lanes hardly fluctuates between inhabitants of places with less than 20,000 inhabitants (70 percent) and cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants (74 percent).

The complete report of the Hessenschau - with text, graphics, audio and videos - can be viewed at (in German).

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30. May 2019
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