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Turning assistance systems for trucks

"Initiative turning assistant" – Federal Ministry as a model organization

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"Initiative turning assistant" - BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) equip its fleet, companies follow this model

Pedestrians and cyclists are endangered every day in road traffic by turning trucks. Far too often, this leads to terrible accidents. Turn assistants could significantly reduce the number of fatal accidents. This is a simple technical solution that saves lives. But the legal requirements are internationally regulated. Germany cannot change this on its own.

In mid-June 2018, Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer therefore launched the "Turning Assistant Campaign". The aim is to exhaust all national possibilities in order to accelerate the introduction. The first meeting at the BMVI took place on 10 July 2018 together with companies, logistics, manufacturers, testing organizations, associations as well as motorists' and cyclists' clubs and representatives of the police.

Every driver with a truck equipped with a turning assistant gets the new trucker badge #IchHabDenAssi.

By 2019, the BMVI will have equipped all commercial vehicles weighing 3.5 t or more from subordinate authorities with turning assistant systems. New vehicles will be procured with the systes, existing vehicles will be retrofitted as part of regular maintenance and repairs. The Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) gets started - with more than 260 trucks.

The safety partners of the BMVI undertake to retrofit their vehicle fleets with turn assistants before the binding introduction date at EU level or to exclusively purchase new vehicles with turn assistants. Those who do not have their own fleet commit themselves to using only vehicles equipped with turn assistants.

Edeka/Netto Marken-Discount, Aldi Nord, Aldi Süd, Alba, DB Schenker and other logistics companies are the BMVI's first security partners. In addition, numerous associations are "official supporters" of the campaign (Liste).

Other companies and associations are cordially invited to join the "Turning Assistant Initiative".

Information on the campaign and the trucker badge can be found at: