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SiBike smartphone app

Green wave for Reutlingen's cyclists

Grüne Welle für Radfahrende - SiBike-App von Siemens Mobility in Reutlingen
Grüne Welle für Radfahrende - SiBike-App von Siemens Mobility in Reutlingen © Stadt Reutlingen

Smartphone-App SiBike - Grüne Welle für Reutlingens Radfahrende

Thanks to a digital pilot project, cyclists in Alteburgstraße have been benefiting from a "green wave" since mid-April 2021. Anyone who downloads the SiBike app onto their smartphone will be able to move forward quickly and comfortably at the eight traffic lights on the cycle path between the traffic training area and the Tübinger Tor thanks to GPS technology.

The technology is to be tested in practice on the approximately two-kilometre route. The free app developed by Siemens Mobility records the cyclist's speed and direction of travel. When the bicycle passes virtual trigger points along the route, the app reports the activation to the traffic control centre. This in turn sends a command to the traffic light control system. Thus, the app triggers the green phase for cyclists at the traffic lights earlier or extends it, if necessary. This is a great advantage for cyclists, but it also means more safety for all other road users: Cars accelerate faster at traffic lights than bicycles. When a traffic light changes from red to green, it takes a certain amount of time for a cyclist to be on the same level as the cars at an intersection. If the bicycle traffic light always receives this time as a lead when the light turns green, the bicycle has already passed the possible conflict point by the time the turning car arrives there.

After Marburg, where the app is already successfully in use, Reutlingen is the second city in Germany to set up a SiBike route. "Our SiBike app offers more safety and comfort for cyclists and promotes sustainable and seamless mobility in cities. We are very pleased to now be able to bring our app to Reutlingen," says Markus Schlitt, CEO Intelligent Traffic Systems at Siemens Mobility.

Alteburgstraße offers optimal conditions for testing and optimising the project so that the technology can be used on other routes in Reutlingen in the future, if necessary. On the one hand, the cycle path in Alteburgstraße is heavily frequented, and on the other hand, the traffic lights along this section of the route need to be renewed anyway due to their age. By installing the app technology at the traffic lights, it was possible to apply for the renewal of the systems to the BMVI's funding programme "Digitalisation of municipal traffic systems". A complete success: 50 percent of the costs for the project "Cycle traffic acceleration at traffic lights" amounting to around 400,000 euros are being funded.

The SiBike app from Siemens Mobility can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store (for Android devices). Links to the stores and further information on the project can be found atünewelle. The pilot project is part of the 2020-2022 package of measures launched by the Reutlingen Cycling Task Force. The goal of the team, which consists of experts from various municipal offices: the expansion of cycling in Reutlingen.

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9. May 2021
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