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Germany: 373,000 imported and 142,000 exported e-bikes in 2015

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Imports 2015

373,000 e-bikes with a power of up to 250 watt and with a value about 279 million euros  were imported to Germany in 2015. This equals a rise of 60 percent compared to the previous year. The average price of an imported e-bike was 750 euros. With 90,000 e-bikes (24 percent), Hungary delivered most.

Exports 2015

142,000 e-bikes were exported from Germany in 2016. This corresponds to a third more than in the previous year. The total value of exports was 184 million euro. The average price of the exported e-bikes was higher than the price of the imported ones: 1,296 euros per e-bike. Main customer was the Netherlands with 38,000 e-bikes with a total value of 47 million euros.

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30. May 2016
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