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Driver assistance system for right-turning

German Federal Highway Research Institute developed potential requirements and a test method

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Turning maneuvers with collisions between commercial vehicles and bikes usually have serious consequences for the vulnerable road user. In the past, the truck driver's indirect field of view has been increased using increasing number of mirrors. Since on the one hand turning accidents still happen despite this multitude of mirrors and on the other hand driver assistance systems have found their way into many vehicle classes, it makes sense to use such systems for the prevention of turning accidents. In order to stimulate system development or in order to mandate systems, requirements and test methods suitable for these turning driver assistance systems are required. The aim of the Federal Highway Research Institute was to develop potential requirements and a test method.

Characteristic parameters and circumstances for accidents between bicycles and right-turning trucks were identified using accident analyses. Driving dynamics considerations for the given parameters suggest that only an early, but low-threshold driver information can be an effective assistance function for preventing this type of accident. For automatic braking, there is still too little experience in the field, and conventional warning systems that warn with a high intensity, but relatively late would due to the driver reaction time not be able to induce a braking manoeuvre with substantial benefit.

The combination of parameter space, the time required for comfortable stop and a suitable kinematic model allow for the definition of relevant regions around the truck in which bicycles need to be detected in order to give the information signal to the truck driver in time. Currently, it is assumed that a driver assistance system that passes the test setup will have a very positive impact on accident figures between right-turning trucks and bikes.

Download: Abbiege-Assistenzsystem für Lkw: Grundlagen eines Testverfahrens

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15. September 2015

Benjamin Schreck, Patrick Seiniger: Bericht zum Forschungsprojekt F1100.5114002 / Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) - - Mai 2015

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