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The German Bike Association (ZIV) and the foundation "Common Collection Scheme for Batteries" (GRS) strike a positive balance in the field of battery recycling

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As specified in §8 of the German Batteries Act (BattG), German law obligates producers and importers of electric bicycles to offer their distributors a reasonable and cost free possibility for returning used batteries.

In order to offer a comfortable and convenient solution for costumers as well as for retailers, ZIV and GRS developed a nationwide system of retraction and disposal in 2010. Meanwhile, about 40 e-bike producers offer bicycle retailers a collection service for used e-bike batteries. Retailers don't have to pay for that service, which goes beyond the minimum legal requirements and ensures a proper and safe battery disposal.

In 2013, more than 42 tons of batteries where collected from more than 2300 retailers and forwarded to recycling.

The German foundation "Common Collection Scheme for Batteries" (GRS) provides the largest retraction system in Europe.

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29. July 2014

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